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Levin & Associates offers a full suite of job placement services. Learn where we have made recent placements and who we have been working with. 
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Candidate Services

Any candidate we work with will have access to the full range of our search services. We tailor these services to the unique interests and long-term career goals of each candidate, but anyone we work with can anticipate assistance in one or more of the following areas:  


Resume Evaluation

Marketing & Presentation

Interview Preparation

Problem Resolution & Advocacy

Closing the Deal

Fees (not your problem!)

What Candidates Should Know--Because we work with premiere law firms and corporations, our clients demand the very best. Of necessity, we must screen candidates both for academic excellence and for distinguished work experience.

The candidates we typically consider graduated at or near the top of their class from a highly regarded law school or were members of Law Review. They also hold undergraduate or graduate degrees from noted private or public institutions, and have been recognized with such honors as Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, or Magna Cum Laude.   

A stable employment record at a premiere law firm or corporation, with two to five years of complex business litigation or transactional experience, is essential. Ideally, attorneys with more than six years of experience should have a portable book of business, or possess a unique legal specialty.

An initial conversation or meeting is how we start the process. This gives you, the candidate, a chance to ask questions about our services and for our
recruiters to inquire about your background and experience. From there, we review our active searches with you identifying and evaluating which openings best fit your interests and personal situation - and which ones have the most potential for long-term career advancement. 

Resume Evaluation
Next, we evaluate the effectiveness of your resume, making suggestions and revisions where appropriate, to insure the best presentation and likelihood of securing an interview. Resumes are submitted for consideration only with your express, prior permission.

Marketing & Presentation 
It's our responsibility to get you in front of the right people! Access is our most important asset. Our long-standing relationships with key legal recruiting administrators and hiring authorities mean that your resume will receive prompt attention. We know who is or will be actively looking for attorneys in the near future. We also know who will interview and extend an offer should the "right" candidate happen to become available. 

Interview Preparation
We prepare you for the upcoming interview. If you have not interviewed recently for a position, it is essential that you discuss interviewing strategies with us. In a highly competitive lateral market, a flawed interviewing technique can mean missing out on outstanding opportunities. If possible, we supply you with a list of the lawyers who will be interviewing you, as well as background information on the client.   

Problem Resolution & Advocacy
We provide you with confidential feedback on how your interview was received - so you know how to improve your performance during subsequent rounds. We troubleshoot problems as they arise addressing any misperceptions either you or the client may have developed. We schedule follow-up meetings and discuss all relevant post-interview comments.   

Levin is your advocate during each stage of the search process. We draw attention to your strengths, and downplay your weaknesses. We work hard to maximize your chances of attaining the career-enhancing job you seek. More importantly, we strive to make sure you're extended multiple offers. Your bargaining position will be significantly improved if clients know you have several options.   

Closing the Deal
We work with both the candidate
attorney and the client law firm or corporation in closing the deal. Once an offer has been made, we assist in negotiating the compensation package, years to partnership consideration, relocation expenses, and other important terms. If you receive more than one offer, Levin will help you evaluate the merits of each opportunity. We also address the issue of reference checks, providing consultation on how and when to approach your references.

Levin does not charge
attorney candidates any fees for placement and consulting services. The client law firm or corporation pays the recruiting fee. Such fees are considered a normal and usual cost of doing business.


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